Chefs & Kitchen Staff
Looking to employ chefs and/or kitchen staff either casual or full-time? Having years of experience in the hospitality industry ourselves, we know the stresses and challenges involved in finding and hiring the right people. Let us make it easier for you...

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Floor Staff
Your floor staff are the face your business presents to your customer, so finding the people with the right work ethic, skills and attitude is essential. We can help you find and hire quality staff to fill floor positions from maitre d' to glassy

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Executive Positions
Selecting the right management team is crucial to your business success. Let us help you find executives with the winning combination of expertise, motivation and diligence to ensure you're operating at full potential.

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Recruit Jobs Australia provides professional hospitality staff placement solutions, tailor-made to your business needs and your budget. Recruit Jobs Australia is trusted by a range of employers from large, small, independent and group branded hotels, bars and restaurants all over WA.

Recruit jobs Australia is an owner operated business. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that the owner of the business, Jerome, is overseeing all operations. We set very high standards for ourselves ensuring that you receive an exceptional hospitality staff when you need them.